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"At E.P.I.C Performance and Physical Therapy, our aim is to educate others on the human movement system in order to prevent injury across a lifespan. Utilizing the integration of multiple methodologies and disciplines, we strive to facilitate personal growth and safe competition for all levels of fitness."


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"I came to Jereme with a really problematic abdomen injury which was stopping my running. With only 3 weeks till the Boston marathon, I thought there was absolutely no chance I would be able to race. However, Jereme not only got me through the race where I was able to run a sub 3 hour marathon in sandals, but he also gave me a program to build and improve things in the long term. Jereme had a much more hands on approach than any other physio I have had before. Rather than masking pain with treatment, Jereme found the root cause of the problem, and gave very detailed work to resolve it."

Chris Bellamy, Ultra Marathon Runner

"I started working with Gary in February of 2016. It was the start of offseason before my senior year and he came in as a new football coach at my high school. He made an immediate impact in the weight room and pushed me to be my best. I came into that season at my strongest and most explosive up to that point. We continued to train together at the end of the season and Coach Berwick helped me to prepare for my college football career. He taught me proper training methods and periodization, helped me with my form in all of my lifts, and helped me achieve my top performance."

Jaylon Redd, College Football Player, University of Oregon

"I became an avid golfer 4 years ago, but within the last year, I have been experiencing pains in both hands which has significantly affected my grip and golf swing. After suffering through the pain, I finally reached out. Jereme was able to significantly decrease my hand pain, with a series of customized exercises and a variety of manual techniques. I have seen a significant improvement in my golf score after experiencing the physical therapy that E.P.I.C has to offer."

Paulo Francisco, Amateur Golfer




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