Become E.P.I.C


Becoming E.P.I.C takes much more than just working out or trying to do stretches to help your nagging injuries. Becoming E.P.I.C requires the facilitation of our 4 foundational principles: Educate, Prevent, Integrate, Compete.  Here at E.P.I.C, we recognize that education is a pivotal component that is necessary to progress performance and rehabilitation. We aim to provide comprehensive evidence based practice, in order to give you a better understanding of the human movement system, and how to optimize performance outcomes. Progressing towards your fitness and performance goals, will often lead to some type of injuries along the way. Our goal is to mitigate those injuries by taking the appropriate preventative measures, through the integration of various treatment styles and exercise selection. It is imperative to utilize multiple disciplines, to ensure a well rounded individual that is ready for anything. By focusing on the first 3 foundational principles, you allow yourself to effectively and efficiently progress towards you true genetic potential, and always stay at you competitive best. To become E.P.I.C, is to approach each day with a positive attitude and belief within yourself, in order to always progress towards the best you can be. Life will always be unpredictable, both physically and mentally, but with consistency and dedication, we can become battle ready for any endeavors that come our way.

 Work Hard, Stay Hungry, and become E.P.I.C


Educate     .     Prevent     .     Integrate     .     Compete